Lykens Market Samuel C. Lykens, Jr. Bellefonte
It all Started Here...Port Matilda Samuel C. Lykens, Jr.
Bellefonte Added in May of 2000
Kacie Lykens Beech Creek
Kacie Lykens
Current Owner
Beech Creek - Open
Chris Lykens Lykens Market Beech Creek
Chris Lykens
Current Owner
Beech Creek - Live Broadcast

Bellefonte Location is currently looking for full time and part time employees. Must be able to work days, nights, and weekends.

History of Lykens Market

Lykens Market was formed in Port Matilda in 1976 by Sam Lykens (father of Chris Lykens). Sam ran the business up until his retirement in 2005. When Sam retired, Chris Lykens took over the family businesses and runs them to this day.

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